We have a great staff of instructors ready to provide individual or group lessons on Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin and a whole lot more! Our experienced instructors are comfortable with students of nearly any age, and we have a special program available for children too young for individual instrument instruction. We can also work with you or your organization to present special events tailored to your interests—whether it be King Records, Herzog's own history, or other significant events in our region's rich musical past. Meet just a few of our instructors, below—and let's get to work accompanying you on your musical path!

Lauren Schloemer Herzog Music Instructor.jpg

Lauren Schloemer is a regional music scene veteran and instructor—performing with Hickory Robot, occasionally sitting in with The Part-Time Gentlemen, and currently recording her new project, the Lauren Schloemer Band—an original 7-piece, female-led group with strong vocals, harmony and electric violin/acoustic fiddle lead. At the Herzog space, Lauren provides lessons for Violin, Viola, Cello, Ukulele, Mandolin, and Music Introduction for Children.

Lance Martin Herzog Music Instructor.jpg

Lance Martin is a guitarist / multi-instrumentalist with a concentration in pedal steel. He plays a variety of styles, both live and in the studio. His unique style is centered around a nonidiomatic approach to the instruments he plays; stretching the inherent tendencies and limitations of each instrument.

Lance is just one of many teachers we've got here at Herzog, and he can get you up to speed on Guitar, Banjo, Dobro, Piano, Ukulele, Lap Steel, Pedal Steel, as well as Theory and Improv.

Ed Bullock Herzog Music Instructor.jpg

Ed Bullock provides Bass and Guitar lessons at Herzog Music, and is one of our most popular instructors! Get in touch today to meet Ed at Herzog Music, and to plan the next steps of your musical journey.

Pete Fosco Herzog Music Instruction.jpg

Pete Fosco provides lessons in experimental and improvised guitar playing, including unique or unusual tunings, extended techniques and improvisation workshops, exploration of scales and exercises to encourage creative development with any instrument. Pete has a BFA in electronic media studies from the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music.