Player's Pick OF THE MONTH


A 20 watt class AB2 EL84 push-pull power amp, driven by 12aX7 preamp with spring reverb, and with a 12" Celestion speaker. The well thought-out preamp includes gain, volume, treble, bass, tone and reverb controls. The tone control is configured as the classic Vox "cut" control! This workhorse of an amp offers lightweight portability for on-the-go gigging and suits well for gritty rock, creamy blues and clean jazz. Looks great, too! Cream cover brings a clean, classic vintage style to the table.

Amp comes with one year store warranty on parts and labor, and two years' labor warranty; 90 day tube warranty. Folks, you gotta stop in to see this in action! Normally listing at $300, while it's our Player's Pick Of The Month - it's yours for $250.