70th Anniversary of Hank Williams at Herzog (10th of Music Heritage Foundation)

Join us to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Hank Williams’ sessions in Cincinnati at Herzog, with performances by Dallas Moore, Slick Willie and the Kentucky Jellies, and Shawn Bell and Blowin’ The Fuses on Sunday, March 17, at 811 Race Street in downtown Cincinnati.

The Herzog studio space is in the last standing building left in the world where Hank Williams Sr. recorded his MGM releases. At Herzog, Williams recorded four songs on 12/22/48, including “Lovesick Blues”; and four songs on 8/30/49, including “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” Come celebrate this unique 70th anniversary with Dallas Moore, Slick Willie and the Kentucky Jellies, and Shawn Bell and Blowin’ The Fuses performing in the very spot where Hank Williams recorded.

This also marks the 10th anniversary of non-profit Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation’s (CMHF) engagement of the Herzog space. In those years, the Herzog space has been populated with events, education, rehearsals and new music featuring Bootsy Collins, Philip Paul, Otis Williams, Patti Smith, All Seeing-Eyes, Tigerlillies, Chelsea Ford, Kelly Thomas, The Tammy WhyNots, Margo Price, The Mortals, The Tillers, Pokey LaFarge, Marty Stuart, Zach Gabbard, Billy Catfish, Nelson Slater, Pete Fosco, Harmed Brothers, Sarah Mann, Scotty Karate, Beverly Hills Supper Club and so many more. Not only has Herzog been a gathering place to get results in helping to save the King Records building in Evanston, or to get a memorial marker to honor lives lost and impacted before the The Who 1979 concert, but helped birth Herzog Music which has brought a new music and education center back to downtown Cincinnati with kids events hosted by folks like Sean Geil of The Tillers.

This show marks the return of Dallas Moore, who is the first artist of the modern Herzog era to record and release an album in the historic spot, the sold-out and out-of-print "Hank to Thank."

$10 door donation (to help pay the rent and keep Herzog open)

Advance tickets are now available.