Glands of External Secretion (Bananafish / Barbara Manning) at Torn Light, and Other Shows Coming to Town

Local music writer and Herzog helper Bill Furbee shares a look at some upcoming work for CityBeat and the American Israelite, and offers a heads-up on some upcoming shows. Check out this morning’s post at his website, and get ready for some great performances in town: Lennon Claypool Delirium at Madison Theater and Edward David Anderson at the Southgate House Revival. You may recall that, during Claypool’s last visit to town, he met Bootsy Collins and others at the King Records site and the mayor proclaimed “Les Claypool Day” with King Music Ambassadors.

Just around the corner, though, is a big one we’re gearing up for. The guys behind No Response are presenting a show at Torn Light Records on Monday, April 15, not to be missed!

Glands of External Secretion is a duo of mysterious/mythical ex-Bananafish honcho Seymour Glass and lauded, uncategorizable singer/songwriter Barbara Manning (World of Pooh, SF Seals, etc.). It’s billed as “a burbling sound collage sonic ash heap of cut-up wreckage, field recording racket, crawly electronics, and mutant tape manipulation. All wobbly and weird with misshapen songs cloaked in the creases. A performance so rare and special you’ll wanna bring your cat.”

Dig the video below, and plan to join us there!