Your Music, My Music, Our Music

Contemporary Artists Connect with Women of King Records

The historic E.T. Herzog studio space recently hosted a series of events and performances which allowed contemporary local artists to engage and participate in the legacy of the groundbreaking female artists of King Records. Led by Kelly Thomas (on behalf of Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation) and Christine Anderson (History Professor at Xavier University), the project compiled interviews from King Legacy artists along with interviews with contemporary local artists like Aprina Johnson, Wonky Tonk, Lady Joya, Chelsea Ford and Kristen Kreft.


Celebration and New Website

And on September 25, there was a celebration in the Herzog space for the launch of a new website—one full of information about women who recorded on King Records—titled “Your Music, My Music, Our Music.” Among those attending was King session drummer Philip Paul. DJ April Reign entertained.


This is only the first phase of a project funded by Ohio Humanities grant. Updates to come!