Zoo Trippin's Wild Blues-Rock "Good Luck Gang" Fall Tour Visits Cincinnati (and Herzog)

Zoo Trippin’ with the Good Luck Gang

by Herzog contributor Jon Stout

Our Herzog Music event calendar continues to add exciting free in-store performances and outreach events - and on November 14, before a gig that evening at Stanley’s Pub, the wild and electric Zoo Trippin' visit from Columbus, Ohio.

Zoo Trippin’ began playing music together roughly six years ago, coming together with a shared mission to create something that was different than what they were hearing from their peers. 

“Nobody was writing the stuff we were hearing in our heads. Not to say that our music isn’t derivative, but the music that inspires us stopped being cool about 20 years ago,” the band explained.

The band’s unique name was inspired by adventures to the zoo while under the influence of LSD. 

“We’re sure you guessed as much. That’s a stark reminder of why it’s always good to go with your gut. You CAN judge a book by it’s cover,” the band joked. 

Zoo Trippin’ are glad to champion the virtues of their hometown music scene. 

“Columbus music is eclectic and it’s fresh as all get out,” they explained. “The age range and breadth of genre is ENORMOUS.” 

Fellow Columbus musicians that they’ve shared the stage with and recommend include Counterfeit Madison, Cadaver Dogs, Miller and the Hunks and RADATTACK. 

What to Expect at Herzog

An eclectic mix of blues rock roots with funk and alternative are all part of the Zoo Trippin’ mix.

The band promises “partial nudity [editor’s note: this will be a family-friendly performance], high-volume rock ‘n roll, intense body movement and possibly a rabbit being pulled from a hat.”

Intriguing, for sure. The band has already performed alongside the likes of Jack White, Incubus, blink-182, Foster the People, Third Eye Blind, Tegan & Sara, Local Natives and Michelle Branch - but has even more lofty aspirations on deck.

“We want to play Budokan so well that one of our tunes may replace ‘I Want You To Want Me’ as the definitive live-recording-from-Japan-turned-radio-hit,” they cheekily responded, referencing the legendary live album by Cheap Trick. Herzog fans will recall a visit not too long ago from Cheap Trick’s Tom Petersson himself.

Documentary in the Works

In 2018, the band released The Sonny Black EP, as well as a second b-sides collection titled T-Sides. As for 2019, the band will be releasing new singles, videos and a full length documentary.

Zoo Trippin’s upcoming “Good Luck Gang” tour brings them to Herzog Music on Friday, November 14 at 3 pm - followed by an evening performance at Stanley's Pub at 8 pm.